Preparing for Punjab PCS Exam

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The most prestigious test in the Punjab Region is the Punjab PCS. More than 40 thousand hopeful aspirants attempt it. However due to the extensive syllabus and dynamic nature of the Punjab PCS Exam, only a small number of them succeed.

You may get all the information you require in this post to succeed in your preparation for the Punjab PCS exam.

It is impossible to pass the Punjab Civil Services (Punjab PCS.) exam by just studying the syllabus in-depth or taking extensive notes. The goal of the paper and interview is to evaluate a candidate's analytical thinking, personality, and job appropriateness.

Chetan Bharat Learning provides the Best Online Coaching for PCS in Chandigarh.The student's intellectual growth is necessary for this. In addition to completing the curriculum, he or she must cultivate a mindset of inquiry and analysis.

Continue reading for 12 tips on how to prepare for the Punjab PCS exam and how to pass it.

How should I get ready for Punjab PCS 2023?

We've provided the most crucial advice for newcomers to prepare for the Punjab PCS Exam in this part. These suggestions are meant to assist candidates in creating a well-thought-out preparation plan for the forthcoming PCS Prelims.

Following are 10 crucial pointers:

Decide on something

Making a definite decision regarding the planning is an essential component of this journey.

You ought to inquire yourself.  How did you become motivated to take the Punjab Civil Services Exam?

You are prepared to work as a civil servant in Punjab if your motivation is internal and you are willing to dedicate at least one year of your life to it.


Understand the Punjab PCS Exam Pattern/ Punjab PCS 2023 Syllabus

The three phases of the Punjab Civil Services Exam are as follows:

1. A preliminary examination consisting of 400-mark multiple-choice questions (MCQ) is the first stage.

There are two papers in the preliminary exam.

  1. General Studies (200 Points, 100 Questions)
  2. (80 Questions, 200 Marks) CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test)

The only purpose of preliminary tests is to screen applicants for the Mains exam, which is the next stage of testing. His prelims marks won't be taken into account when determining final merit.

2. Second Stage: Main Examination: - It consists of seven descriptive papers worth a total of 1500 marks:

  1.  Paper I: Punjabi Language
  2.  Paper II: English
  3.  Paper III: Essay
  4. Paper IV: General Studies
  5. Paper V: General Studies
  6.  Paper VI: General Studies
  7. Paper VII: General Studies

Note: According to the most recent 2020 exam schedule, there is no optional subject for the Punjab PCS Mains exam.

3. Third and last stage: a 150-point personality test and in-person interview with the PPSC Interview Board.

Total marks earned by candidates in the Mains Exam and the Interview Exam are taken into consideration while determining final merit.

Note: Scores from the PCS Prelims Exam are not taken into account for Final Merit.

Understand the Syllabus of Punjab PCS

The first thing you should do before reading through the study material and preparation method is to familiarise yourself with the syllabus.

Make a Schedule Table for Self Study

Learning time management is essential for preparing for the Punjab Civil Services exam Time management techniques help pupils become better students. Everybody is busy during the day with their commitments. Therefore, it would be unfair to make you adhere to a strict study schedule. Each pupil must make their own timetable based on their current situation. To succeed on the Civil Services examination, we just require six to eight hours a day of productive study time.

Make it a habit to read the newspaper

The questions in the Punjab civil services exam are dynamic in nature, per the most recent trend. The Questions have a direct or indirect relationship to current events. Consequently, it is crucial to read the pertinent news stories in your daily newspaper.

We advise reading The Tribune daily in preparation for the Punjab PCS Exam.  You can read about Punjab-related current events in The Tribune Newspaper in addition to matters of major national and worldwide concern.

NCERTs for Punjab PCS

NCERTs are the finest source to lay the groundwork for General studies because of their straightforward explanations and straightforward language. Before beginning the advanced level books, we advise you to read the NCERT books first.

For each topic, you must read the NCERT textbooks from classes VI through XII. For instance, if you are reading Indian Polity, start with the Social Studies textbook for class VI and work your way up to the textbook for class XII. (Always keep a copy of the Punjab PCS syllabus handy.)

Standard books for Punjab PCS

The top books for the PUNJAB PCS preliminary test are listed below.

History for PUNJAB PCS

  1. Bipan Chandra's Modern Indian History

  2. Spectrum Modern History

  3. Bipan Chandra on India's Independence War

  4. India's Early History by R.S. Sharma

  5. India's Mediaeval History: Satish Chandra

Geography for Punjab PCS

  1. Goh Cheng Leong's Physical and Human Geography Certificate

  2. NCERT’s 11th and 12th Class 

  3. Oxford Student Atlas

Environment for Punjab PCS

  1. Study Environmental : Rajagopalan's From Crisis to Cure

  2. NCERT 12th Grade Biology, Chapters 13 and up.

  3. Environmental Booklet by the Punjab School Education Board (Stubble Burning Chapters)

Indian Polity for Punjab PCS

  1. Laxmikant's Indian Polity

  2. Governance in India by Lakshmikanth

Indian Economy for Punjab PCS

  1. Economy of India - Ramesh Singh

  2. India's Economic Survey

  3. Punjab Economic Survey

General Science and Technology for Punjab PCS

  1. Science in General - Arihant Publication

  2. Science Reporter Magazine

  3.  NCERT resource on science

Current Affairs for Punjab PCS

In any competitive exam, the current events portion is the most crucial. One should read quality monthly publications like Yojana, Kurukshetra and a Current Affairs magazine in addition to the newspaper on a regular basis. Current affairs for Punjab PCS by CBL is also a beneficial resource.

Punjab GK for Punjab PCS

  1. Geography and Agriculture of Punjab: Class-XII Rural Development and

  2. Environment (Selected Chapters) PSEB Book Class 11th and 12th History and Culture of Punjab

Study tips for Punjab PCS

It is incredibly challenging to memorise and review this extensive PCS exam syllabus. To make information easy to remember and convenient for last-minute revision prior to a prelim or mains exam, you should develop detailed notes and mind maps.

The golden guideline for taking notes is to condense 100 words into 10 to 15 words, else your notes will be useless. 

You may create mind maps for a variety of challenging subjects. A mind map is a visual graphic that enables two-dimensional organisation of your notes. A mind map provides a quick visual representation of the links, hierarchies, and relationships between various kinds of knowledge.

Because they compile all of your notes about a subject on a single page, mind maps are excellent for getting a broad picture of a subject.

Prelims Mock Test Series: Join Now

You should enrol in a quality practice test series for the Punjab PCS Prelims 2023 once you have completed general studies and current events for a period of 2-3 months.

Before participating in any test series for the preliminary exam, bear the following in mind.

  1. Sectional examinations and full-length tests must be included in test series for both CSAT and General Studies.

  2. The explanation lecture given by seasoned professors must come after the test series.

  3. The test series corresponds exactly to the most recent PPSC Question trends.


Answer Writing for PPSC Punjab PCS Mains

The most crucial component of preparing for the Punjab PCS Mains Exam is practising composing answers. You must get knowledge on how to offer information with far superior presentational skills while crafting time-sensitive responses. For PCS Mains, you can also enrol in a test series. CBL offers best Tests Series for Punjab PCS 

Before beginning to write your mains exam answers, keep in mind that you must have finished 70% of the General Studies course.


Effective revision can go a long way towards assisting you in preparing for the Punjab PCS Exam in a way that will enable you to pass it on your very first attempt. A one-stop shop for comprehensively reviewing the entire course is provided by your short notes and mind maps. Here are some suggestions for improving syllabus revision.

Remain optimistic and driven.

Keep yourself motivated each day by remaining regular and consistent. Any motivational video you view online or on YouTube will only help you feel motivated at that certain time. You'll eventually need to develop internal motivation.Chetan Bharat Learning is the best platform for the preparation of PPSC Punjab PCS exam. We provide the Best Online Coaching for PCS in Chandigarh. Join our online coaching for the preparation of PCS exam.