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The UPSC Mains Exam is regarded as the most significant step of the civil services examination. The prelims examine your knowledge and aptitude, whilst the mains exam assesses your intellectual capabilities, content knowledge, and communication ability. Strong answer writing skills are especially required for the written essay-type questions in the GS papers and optional subjects. Chetan Bharat Learning offers the best UPSC Coaching in Chandigarh. Here are some good suggestions for writing UPSC Mains answers.

Analyse the Question

Read the question prompt carefully, identifying the relevant terminology, commands, and context presented. Before you begin writing, ensure that you understand the question.


Categorise the question using directive terms such as 'discuss', 'examine', 'comment', and 'critically analyse'. This will guide your strategy and framework.


Before organising your thoughts, brainstorm pertinent points, statistics, examples, and arguments.

Structure your answer.

Plan a framework that includes an introduction, a coherent body, and a conclusion. Follow the ATTC format: answer, theory, theme, and conclusion.


The introduction might define essential words, provide background, and show your perspective on the subject.


To prove your answer, you can add theories, legislative background, analytical debates, case studies, critical arguments, and so on.


Finally, restate your position and propose a course of action.

Write Coherently.

Maintain the logical flow of paragraphs and connect them smoothly. Use transition words and connections to develop a comprehensive response.


Points can be ordered chronologically or according to their relevance to improve flow. Grouping related arguments into paragraphs adds structure.


Stay under the word limit by avoiding tangents and verbosity. Quality of material takes precedence over quantity.


Analyse Comprehensively

Answering in depth from many viewpoints indicates your understanding of the subject.


Instead of presenting a single point of view, provide well-rounded, comprehensive arguments. Consider the historical, social, economic, cultural, ethical, and political contexts.


Support your statements with relevant facts, figures, and examples. To back up your claims, use statistics, reports, surveys, case studies, and other evidence.

Incorporate Keywords.


Make sure you precisely identify and highlight the keywords in the question prompt.


Use key phrases, legislation, doctrines, theories, names, and other significant information throughout the answer.


Avoid spelling, factual, and terminology errors that may degrade text quality.

Maintain Objectivity.


Rather than making normative and final judgements, be analytical and objective. Wherever possible, support your opinions with reasoning.


If the situation requires it, reach a diplomatic conclusion rather than taking a firm stance.

Refine Answers

Allow time to rethink and enhance your responses. Reduce repetition, improve flow, fill gaps in views, and reinforce arguments.


Pay attention to language, grammar, and style rules. Avoid colloquialisms and instead use formal academic vocabulary appropriate for public management. Stick to the word limit.


Mastering UPSC Mains answer writing is a journey that takes time, effort, and the appropriate guidance. Chetan Bharat Learning, with its extensive resources and experienced guidance, enables UPSC hopefuls to flourish in this critical area, taking them one step closer to realising their dream of serving the country. Chetan Bharat Learning offers the best upsc offline coaching in Chandigarh. Begin your journey with us, and create captivating responses that will leave a lasting impact on UPSC examiners.

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